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deAO Baby Ball Pit Safety Playpen Gate Set with Balls Included for Babies and Toddler (Pink Square)

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  • This adorable safety playpen will create a gentle, comfortable and loving environment for your baby.
  • Made of strong durable materials, with a safe and sturdy structure, and a quick and easy assembly design. It is also very easy to wipe and clean.
  • Sides are equipped with ventilating mesh walls for easy visibility, a zip-opening panel allows for easy access.
  • Set includes playpen structure (poles, connectors and feet), mesh walls, floor mat and a bag of colourful balls.
  • Suitable for ages from 6 to 42 months. -- Measures assembled: 106cm x 65.5cm

Playpens provide a convenient security zone for your baby; helping you to nip out of the room safe in the knowledge that your little one won't get up to mischief or in harm's way.
Some babies also like the feeling of the playpen being 'their' place to play, nap or simply watch your activities.

Our Playepens, a part from being well structured and anti-slip, they have an adorable and colourful design which will create a wonderful playful aera for your little one.
In addition, the set includes a bag with 50 colourful plastic balls!

Suitable for ages from 6 to 42 months.

Safe Structure

  • Strongly built, stable and resistant to lifting or tipping.
  • Walls are 65cm high, to prevent your child climbing out or falling.
  • Smooth finish; Without small parts or objects that can be swallowed or inhaled. No sharp corners, edges and points.
  • Quick assamble without tools.
  • Anti-slip feet.


  • Sides are equipped with ventilating mesh walls for easy visibility.
  • Netting has a small weave without any tears. The weave is so small that not even your baby's finger could slip through and become entwined.
  • ​Zip-opening panel allows for easy access.
  • PVC - Easy to wipe and clean.

Variations Available

  • Square Playpen: in Pink or Blue
  • Hexagon Playpen: In Pink or Blue

1x Playpen Structure
1x Walls and floor
50x Colour Balls

Recommendations and Warnings

  • Regularly check the playpen for holes in the sides or in the floor padding.
  • Keep the playpen clean.
  • Do NOT leave your child unattended in the pen unless absolutely necessary
  • Do NOT put anything in the playpen that your baby can use as a lever or step to climb out.
  • Do NOT place the playpen near an open fire or other heat source.

Pink Square Playpen

  • Height: 65.5cm
  • Width:106cm

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