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deAO 13 Piece Children’s Gardening Tools Kit Play Set - Outdoor Garden Flower Vegetable Planting Tools for Kids

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·         GARDENING TOOL KIT PLAY SET: The perfect gift for your little green thumb! A fantastic way to interact with your child through play. Everything your little one will need is included in this play set.

·         CONTENTS: This play set includes a variety of assorted tools that your child will love! Plant pots, a watering can, a watering spray bottle and sturdy tool box are all designed to withstand tough play and outdoor environments.

·         GREAT OUTDOOR FUN: Encourage your child outdoors this summer! With this fantastic gardening play set your child is able to create their own fun for hours on end.

·         EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: Not only is your little one able to ‘help’ you in the garden, but they can also build on their important key skills such as hand-eye coordination and understanding the importance and responsibility of growing a plant.

·         RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under 3 years. To be used under direct supervision of an adult. For domestic use only.

More information:


Encourage your little one outside this summer!

A fantastic gardening tool kit play set that will keep your little one busy whilst you do the ‘real’ gardening!

A great way to interact with your child and help them understand the importance of helping the environment and allowing plants to grow.

Set includes a sturdy tool box that your child is able to take with them anywhere! Wonderful designs and vibrant colours – this is a play set your child will love.

Created specifically with children in mind – each tool is designed with blunt edges that reduce harmful play.


·         This play set includes all your little one will need to plant their very own flowers and vegetables.
·         Lightweight tools included designed specifically for children – able to hold with ease.
·         Portable, sturdy and strong tool box included.
·         Plant pots with drainable holes included.
·         Fantastic for outdoor play.
·         Great vibrant designs.

Fulfilling Activity:

·         Encourage your children to interact with nature through play. Gardening is a wonderful introduction into the world of science especially botany, biology and chemistry.
·         This is a delightful experience of imaginative play that will help children to process their world through touching, feeling, comparing, and observing.
·         Teach kids about responsibility; kids learn that they have to take care of their seeds each day in order for them to become healthy plants.
·         Gardening can also serve as a powerful therapeutic tool for children.


·         1x plastic tool box.

·         1x watering can.

·         1x watering spray bottle.

·         3x assorted plant pots.

·         3x plant tags.

·         5x assorted tools.


·         Box size: 26 x 20 x 17cm

·         Please note; sizing of accessories will vary depending on item.

Recommendations & Warnings:

·         Not suitable for children aged under 3 years.

·         To be used under direct supervision of an adult.

·         For domestic use only.

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