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deAO 4 Multi-Player Pack & Deluxe Carry Case - Kids Infrared Gun Blaster Set with Light Battle Active

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·         INDOOR AND OUTDOOR FUN: A great multi-player playset! Fantastic fun for family and friends that will keep your child entertained for hours. Take this playset everywhere with you this summer!

·         FEATURES: Set includes battery operated 4 laser tag blasters with 4 settings – allow your child to choose between a pistol; shotgun; machine gun or even a rocket launcher setting. The battery operated blasters feature 3 lives and a long range infrared sensor that tracks and hits your component of up to 40 metres. Batteries included.

·         BENEFITS: Encourage your children outdoors this summer! No need for laser tag vests and easily transportable blasters your child can take this play set wherever they go. Designed especially for children and used correctly, this is a great way for your children to be active and develop their gross motor skills.

·         BE A TEAM PLAYER: Let your child have fun with friends with this interactive laser tag playset! Your children are able to choose what colour team they are and battle to be #1. Great for friendly competitiveness and hours of fun.

·         RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under the age of 3. Choking Hazard due to small parts. To be used under direct supervision of an adult.

More information:

Want to play laser tag without the hassle?

This playset is a great indoor and outdoor activity for you and your children. You are able to play in teams or even against each other battling for the #1 title. Each player is able to choose which colour they would like to be with the blaster blasting your unique team or 1 player colour. To change between colours simply press the two buttons placed on the side of the blaster until you find the colour you want – colours  range between; white, blue, green and red.

You will have 3 lives and there is no need for any target vests as your blaster IS the target so watch out! Choose between the 4 different blaster settings and think tactically with the interactive long range sensor.

Play anywhere!

The infrared gun blasters are able to track and interact with your components up to 40 metres so the bigger the space, the more fun you will have! You don’t even need to worry about transport the portable carry case included comfortably fits each blaster making this a great playset for everyone.


·         Battery operated laser tag gun blasters (3x 1.5V AA batteries included).

·         Portable carry case.

·         Infrared long range sensor.

·         Four gun blaster settings.

·         Three lives.

·         Multi-player option.

·         Child safe infrared signal emission.

Fulfilling Activities:

·         Outdoor activities – encouraging your child to play outdoors is a great way to keep them active!

·         Social – this multi-player playset allows your child to interact with friends or family and provides great fun for everyone.

·         Gross Motor skills – this playset is a great way to build your child’s gross motor skills.


·         1x carry case

·         4x laser tag gun blasters


29.5 x 18.5 x 5.1cm

Recommendations & Warnings:

·         Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

·         Choking Hazard due to small parts.

·         To be used under direct supervision of an adult.

·         Please follow instruction manual printed on box.

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