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Small Scale Realistic Toys

Children come across all sorts of vehicles in their daily lives, so is good to incorporate these into their small world, too. Imaginative play allows children to exercise their creativity and helps them make sense of the world around. It also improve Speech and Language while playing (learning the different vehicle names, parts, functions,...) and Concept learning.

Wheeled toys are great for encouraging movement, as children pushes the toys around the room. This is great for babies who are on the way to crawling, as it will give them a fun reason to become more active. It helps to develop co-ordination, balance and gross motor skills.

Toy vehicles can be played with independently, but kids also love to race each other! This encourages them to share and negotiate, and lets them learn about friendly competition.

Construction trucks are perfect to encourage the outdoor play, by using sand, grass, stones, little pieces of wood... feeling different textures while enjoying the natural world around.

Transporter Truck Carrycase for Cars Play Set Carrier Including a Total of 12 Assorted Vehicles, Accessories and Play Map
£11.70 Ex Tax: £9.75
WHOLESALE ONLY- TO ORDER THIS ITEM PLEASE CONTACT SALES@DEAOTOYS.CO.UK ·         FUN FOR EVERYONE: Handy Transporter Carrycase Truck with collectible vehicles and accessories set - perfect to take with you anywh..
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