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deAO Sand and Water Table - Water Park Mills and Slides with Accessories Included (GREEN)

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  • Water park mills and slides with accessories included (Green)
  • Accessories included: Assorted set of six sand accessories such as sand moulds, shovel and rake, jug plus a fun track of slides and 14 mills in total
  • Easy to assemble and to put on place sturdy, steady and bright colours

deAO sand and water table playset - water park mills and slides sand and water play has a major role in early learning; it helps children to develop basic learning, hand-eye coordination, and imagination skills while promoting calmness and freedom to create and play.

How amazing would it be to play with sand and water anywhere, at any time. With the deAO sand and water table sets, you don't have to be on the beach to reap the benefits of playing with sand and water. Children naturally want to explore and experiment: starting by mixing sand with water, adding more or less sand to the water, or rocks of different sizes and see the levels of water go up and down. This will help them to understand changes in texture, consistency, levels, action - reaction, and Comprehend and apply these same concepts to other areas of the natural world. Building fun sand castles, mountains, islands and using the accessories included, will promote creative skills.

Creative play improves children's ability to understand new concepts and enables them to connect with their environment. By playing in group, they will develop social skills and emotional understanding by creating together. Sand and water play can be very calming, meaning that it is an excellent activity for children who are a little hyperactive, and those with other disabilities.

This sand and water table playset with a super bright and colourful eye-catching design will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Set includes:

1 x table tray,

4 x legs,

5 x slides (2 x mills each),

1 x mills pole (4 x mills),

5 x connector poles,

2 x funnels,

3 x sand moulds,

1 x shovel,

1 x rake,

1 x jug.

Measures: 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 57.5 cm.

See pictures for more detail.

Recommended age: 3 years old (due small pieces),

Please check sizes before purchase.

More models available at deAO.

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