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deAO Interactive Remote Control Robot Toy with Programmable Mode, Gesture Sensing, Dancing Walking and Singing Smart Robotics - Fun Gift for Kids

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·         MUST-HAVE TOY: This Remote Control Robot Toy is a must-have in your children’s toy collection. Your child is able to control the robot toy with hand gestures, allowing the robot to move forwards; backwards and even spin 360°!

·         INTERACTIVITY:  Allow your child to interact with the Robot Toy through song and dance as they are able to use the simple programming function on the remote control included to create dance routines. Also includes a simple demo mode that allows the robot to perform its basic actions, dance routine and lighting features.

·         THE ULTIMATE AMOUNT OF FUN: Remote Control Robot Toy is able to record up to 60 actions and is then able to act on commands given by included Remote Control.  Includes three dynamic songs that your child is able to dance along to!

·         FEATURES:  Sound features also included, along with an obstacle avoidance function so you do not need to worry about the robot being led into obstacles. Standby state will be instructed 20 seconds after powering on without sound and action.

·         RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS:  Not suitable for children under 5. To be used under direct supervision of an adult.

More information:

This Remote Control Robot Toy is a great for interaction with your children through the robots gesture sensing system, allowing your child to simply use their hand to navigate the robot forwards; backwards; left and right. Not only is your child able to interact with the robot through gesture sensing, they can also help develop their speech and language skills through the song feature. Using the remote control included, you are able to command the Robot to dance, walk and sing whilst also copying up to 60 of your chosen gestures!

This interactive robot toy has a variety of different features and functions that will entertain your child for hours on end. Features include audio play, auto demo mode, dynamic dancing and much more!

Made with a durable and non-toxic plastic, this toy will allow your children to immerse themselves into a futuristic play.


  •            Safe and durable plastic.
  •          Allow your child to use their creativity and imagination with this futuristic toy.
  •          Robot uses 3.7V 400mAh rechargeable battery.
  •          Responds to commands through remote control. (7x 1.5V AAA battery required - not included)
  •          Rechargeable – takes approx. two hours to fully charge. (3.7V 400mAh rechargeable battery included)

Fulfilling Activity:

  •            Gives your child a sense of control and excitement when the robot responds to chosen commands.
  •          Allows your child to use their speech and language skills whilst also having hours of fun.
  •          40 minutes of interactivity when fully charged!


  •            1x Remote Control
  •          1x Robot Toy
  •          1x Instructions Manual


  •           25x 15 x 9cm


Toy weight:

  •          0.7kgs



  •          Not suitable for children under 5 years.
  •        To be used under direct supervision of an adult

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