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deAO RC Amphibious Stunt Car Remote Control All Terrains Waterproof Twister Car 2.4GHz Sync System for Multi Players (Double Sided Design)

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  • [2.4ghz Sync System]; Once you have synchronized the car to your controller, other players can also use their car without interference problems, even if they are the same model!
  • RC amphibious stunt car; waterproof twister with double sided design. Durable and powerful, strong anti-collision structure, oversized tyres and resistant shock absorbers.
  • Full control; this car can be directed forwards, backwards, left, right, can turn around 360º, climb up obstacles, jumps, stunts, even do 180º flips.
  • All Terrains: can be used over hard and soft grounds, indoor and outdoor, such as grass, mud, snow, sand, roads, puddles etc.
  • Recommended age: 5 years old +// Measures of the car: 21cm x 22cm x 11cm (see in picture for more detail).

deAO RC amphibious double-sided all terrains Twister stunt car

This powerful remote control double sided car has been designed to offer a great performance over all sort of terrains, with a resistant mechanism, strong anti-collision structure to reduce damage, oversized hard tyres and resistant Shock absorbers. This provides a better Resistance and smoother control over different grounds and an easy action of 180degree flips over its own body.

Easy full direction control of 6 channels and amazing amphibious all terrains technology; this car can be directed towards, backwards, left, right, can turn around 360 degree, climb up obstacles, jumps, stunts and flips its genuine amphibious design allows to be used over hard and soft grounds, indoor floors and outdoors, such as grass, mud, snow, sand, paving, puddles etc.

This RC amphibious double-sided stunt car is perfect for outdoors playful time, so easy and fun to use. Perfect to develop imagination and to improve hand-eye coordination. [2.4 GHz sync system for multi players] allows more than one car to be used at the same time, even if they are the same model. It will be necessary to synchronize each car with its corresponding remote control before playing together (if you have two cars, do this by separate so their signals will not be interfered while synchronizing). After doing this, 2.4 GHz cars can be used at the same time. [Spare batteries available - please contact seller for more information]

Measures: 21 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm.

PLEASE see pictures for more detail.

Recommended age: 3 years old 

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