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deAO High Speed Racing Stunt Motorcycle with 360° Spins, Rolling, Radio Control and LED Light Functions

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  •          HIGH SPEED RACING: Allow your child to experience the thrill of high speed racing with this waterproof, amphibious, two motors toy Motorcycle Stunt Car.
  •        CONTROL THE STUNT CAR: Able to navigate and control the stunt car using 2.4GHz radio control forwards, backwards, left and right. Stunts include summersault 360° flips, 360° Horizontal and Vertical spinning and much more!
  •        FEATURES: Remote control distance can perform up to 70meters with light dazzling colour features. Allowing your child to view all the functions the stunt car is performing in a fun and entertaining way.
  •        SIZE AND PERFORMANCE: Powerful and simple to control, allowing children to have the maximum amount of fun. Company size and lightweight making it effortless to pick up and transport.
  •        RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Suitable for over 3 years. To be used under direct supervision of an adult

More information:

Let your child experience the thrill and excitement of high speed racing with this Motorcycle Stunt Car! This set will make the perfect gift for a race-car or motorcycle enthusiast. Child is able to rotate and navigate the stunt car in a number of directions and also perform super cool stunts that include flips, spins and it even performs in water! Your child is able to navigate and perform these stunts using the 2.4GHz remote control with actual speeds of 15km/h. Advance your children’s hand-and-eye coordination skills, along with helping build their creativity and imagination through this stimulating stunt car experience!


  •          2.4GHz wireless remote control
  •        Powerful and simple control making it simple and effortless for your child to use
  •        Made with durable and non-toxic plastic, able to withstand tough-play
  •        Waterproof
  •        Amphibious
  •        Charger time: 3hrs
  •        Play time: 20mins

Fulfilling Activity:

  •         Great way to improve your child’s hand-and-eye coordination skills
  •        Encourage your child to be active with outdoor play
  •        Bring excitement to your child’s recreational activities with this high-speed product.


  •          1x stunt car
  •        1x remote control
  •        1x USB cable


  •          26 x 24 x 20 cm

Toy weight:

  •            1.66kgs


  •  Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • To be used under direct supervision of an adult

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