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How our referral scheme works.
Step One.
You sign up to our website by creating an account with us, which you can do at the top of the page by the login button.
 You get a special code unique to you upon signing up for you to use.

the button to create an account or login to your account can be found here

Step two.
You can then share your code with friends and family.
You can do this by sharing any product on our store via Social Media. Your unique code will be embedded in this share link as long as you are logged in.

You share a product by clicking here.

Once you have shared the product with your friends and family, if they click on your link, your code will be registered at checkout.
They may not purchase the item you have shared but as long as they purchase from our website through your share, they will automatically receive a 10% discount during check out.
You will receive 5% store credit automatically after 30 days, providing the order is not refunded for any reason, such as a return or cancellation

Step Three.
You can receive Cash back once your credit reaches £5.
There will be an option at checkout when signed into your account to spend your referral credit on items you purchase with us.
You can also request cash back from your referral credit via Bank transfer with a minimum of £5.
Every time your friend makes a purchase with deaotoys.co.uk, they will receive the 10% discount, and you will receive your 5%.

This example shows this customer has earned £9.05 in credit from friends and family using their referral link to make purchases.