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deAO Stylish Kitchen Playset Role Playing Game Toddlers Including Accessories Light Sound

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  • Styleish Kitchen; fashionable playset with lights and sounds and a total of 20 accessories included.
  • Features: clock hands move manually, hobs with light and sound, oven door opens and closes, and enough storage space for all accessories.
  • Perfect for recreational activities, early learning, social communication, creativity and imagination.
  • Measures: 73cm (35cm) x 59cm x 25cm.
  • Recommended age: from 3 years old.

deAO Princess Tale Kitchen Playset Role Playing Game Toddlers Including Accessories Light Sound

Set your imagination free!

This is a gorgeous kitchen playset specially designed for the stylish little ones who wander in the role playing games area.


  • Specially designed and sized for toddles.
  • Very fashionable design, with loads of details and decorations.
  • Made with soft and durable plastic material.
  • Parts attach safely without loosing parts.
  • Cooker hobs with lights and sounds.
  • Set includes a total of 20 accessories.
  • Oven door opens and closes.
  • Clock hands move manually.
  • Easy to assemble. Sturdy and steady.

Learn through Play

  • Perfect for recreational activities, early cognitive and concept learning.
  • Develops social communication and language skills
  • Early understanding of different perspectives.
  • Sparks creativity and imagination.


1x Kitchen

2x Pots

2x Lids

2x Plates

5x Cutlery and utensils

2x Food boxes

2x Bottles

2x Salt and pepper (1 x 1)

3x Food pieces


  • Mini kitchen: 73cm (35cm) x 59cm x 25cm
  • Accessories: from 10cm - 15cm (vary)


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • To be used under the direct supervision of an adult

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