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deAO Dinosaur Toys Hand Painted Realistic Looking Prehistoric Figures (Brachiosaurus Figure)

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  • Dinosaur figure with very realistic and durable design.
  • Brachiosaurus ("arm" and "lizard").
  • Measures approx: 38 x 9 cm. Age recommended: from 3 years old.
  • A great educational toy that promotes imaginative play.

Dinosaur figure Branchiosaurus with a very realistic and durable design.

A great collection of the Dino family. An always loved gift to your little ones.

Brachiosaurus ("arm" and "lizard") was a massive plant-eating dinosaur that lived in the late Jurassic period (156 to 145 million years ago), and may have survived even until 140 million years ago, into the early Cretaceous period. Brachiosaurus fossils have been found in North America and Africa (although some scientists argue that the African variety should be classified into a separate genus, which they call "Giraffatitan"). The very first example of the animal was discovered by Elmer S. Riggs in Grand River Canyon, western Colorado in 1900. Of all the land animals for which a complete skeleton exists, Brachiosaurus is the largest and heaviest. An average Brachiosaurus was 75 feet (22.9 meters) long, 41 feet (12.5 meters) tall, and weighed 89 tons (almost three times the weight of Apatosaurus). Brachiosaurus was unusual among dinosaurs, in that its front legs were longer than its hind legs. This, together with its very long neck, gave Brachiosaurus the ability to eat foliage at the top of trees as high as 40 or 50 feet (12.2 to 15.2 meters) above the ground.

This dinosaur measures approximately 38 cm from nose to tail and is approximately 9cm tall.

A life like rendition of dinosaurs for any child who is enthusiastic about all things DINOSAUR!

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