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deAO Children Shopping Cart Trolley Play Set Includes 50 Grocery Food Fruit Vegetables Shop Accessories (PINK)

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  • Shopping Cart Trolley for children - Requires a very easy assemble (no tools needed). - Available in Blue or Pink
  • Includes 52 Grocery shop accessories, as fruit, veg, boxes (see picture for more detail).
  • Easy to assemble. Sturdy, steady. Safe nontoxic materials.
  • Perfect for recreational activities, developing imagination and early learning. Minimum age recommended: 3 years old (due small pieces)
  • Measures: 47cm X 42cm X 24cm (see in picture) PLEASE CHECK SIZES BEFORE PURCHASE

Shopping cart trolley for children - available in colours Pink or blue, including a big range of accessories.

With no doubt, one of the favourite activities of children is to play imitating the adults in their daily tasks, and we all know how fun it is for kids to go shopping with mummy and Daddy and be on charge of the shopping cart. Well now imagine how amazing would it be for your little ones to have their own shopping trolley at home.

This trolley is easy to assemble, with no need of tools. It is very sturdy and steady, smooth, easy to handle and to push around.

Designed with bright colours (blue-white), (pink-white). Made from non toxic materials. Ideal for the little ones.

This set includes a big range of grocery Shop accessories, as fruit, veg, boxes. Giving children the chance to learn about different types of fruits and veg and its individual appearance.

You can even create a magnificent market at home, practicing the name of fruit and veg as you put them in the trolley. Ideal for Recreational activities, developing mind and imagination, impulses a creative thinking and early learning. All this by just playing.


1 x trolley (assemble needed),

36 x pieces fruit and veg,

16 x food and drink boxes.

Do not sit on this trolley, please check sizes before purchase.

Measures: 47 cm x 42 cm x 24 cm.

See picture for more detail.

Available in blue or Pink.

Minimum age recommended: 3 years old (due small pieces).

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