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deAO Workshop Tools Playset for Children Battery Powered Plastic Toy Chainsaw, Electric Drill & Circular Saw Play Tools Kit for Kids (Pack of 3)

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·         TOOL PLAYSET FOR BEGINNERS: This beginner’s tool set is a perfect gift for a child that is interested in assembling items and workshop tools, who loves to help mum or dad when they are doing some DIY work.

·         FUN DESIGNS: Colorful and playful look, designed with fantastic cartoon faces that make this playset even more fun for your child. Each tool is made of strong plastic.

·         FEATURES: Battery operated tools with sound features.  Each tool has a realistic sound feature that gives your child a realistic experience and understanding of tools!

·         BENEFITS: Encourage them to build on important key skills like hand-eye coordination whilst ‘helping’ with household chores.

·         RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. To be used under direct supervision of an adult. Please note: colour combinations will vary due to stock.

More information:

Call out to your little helpers! Inspire them to become the best builders with this cool Tools pack. A great beginner’s tool set!

Does your child like to help you with household chores? Why not give them their very own tool kit that they will love.

Show them responsibility; Safety is always first and foremost! Each tool has realistic sound features that will let your child believe that they are helping in their own way!

You can teach your children the basics of how to use real tools correctly and cover the safety rules.

Designed with a great cartoon face on each tool, this is the perfect tool set for a younger child.

This is a delightful experience of imaginative play that will help children to process their world and get acquainted with different tools and DIY tasks, in a creative and playful way.


·         3 electronic workshop/construction tools.

·         Great for beginners.

·         Realistic sounds.

·         AG13 Batteries included.

·         Fantastic designs.

·         Made from safe and durable plastics.

Fulfilling Activities:

·         Hand-eye coordination: a great way to build on your child’s hand-eye coordination skills with the variety of accessories included.

·         Learn through play: allow your child to understand how each construction tool works with this great playset.

Learn through Play:

·         Ideal for parent and child interactive play sessions.

·         Recreational activity for early cognitive and concept learning.

·         Boosts creative thinking and imagination while playing and building.

·         Allows children to understand and be aware of different tools and their utilities.

·         Increase awareness and understanding; teach children how to use real tools correctly. Cover the safety rules, Safety is always first and foremost!


·         1x electric toy chainsaw

·         1x electric toy drill

·         1x electric toy rotary saw


·         Box size approx: 22.5 x 14.4 x 6.6cm

·         Circular toy saw approx: 11 x 15 x 5.5cm

·         Electric toy drill approx: 13 x 15 x 4cm

·         Toy chain saw approx: 10 x 20 x 5cm

Recommendations & Warnings:

·         Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
·         To be used under direct supervision of an adult.
·         Please note: colour combinations will vary due to stock.

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