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deAO Kids Market Stall Toy Shop With Shopping Trolley And Play Food

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  • Supermarket stand with shopping cart trolley Playset; multiple role game perfect for recreational activities and to develop imagination.
  • Includes a big range of accessories and shopping products (more than 80 pcs in total)
  • Easy to assemble and to put on place, Sturdy, steady, bright colors
  • Measures: stand height 82cm x width 35cm x length 45cm // trolley: 50 x 26 x 48 cm (see pictures for more detail)
  • Recommended age: 3 years old (due small pieces) please check sizes before purchase

Supermarket grocery store stand playset with shopping trolley and grocery products included.

The set includes a range of grocery products and accessories that you could find in a real supermarket, creating an even more fun and realistic experience for the little ones.

Its design is sturdy, stable and safe, easy to assemble, place, clean and even move from place to place without problems.

Very original, with a spacious counter and a shelves to place all the products you want to sell at your shop. In addition to incorporating other features as scales with weights, till, paper money (pounds and euros), shopping trolley, basket.

This will keep children entertained for hours!

It has been designed for a game of double role play, perfect game for developing knowledge, imagination and for recreational activities.


1x stand

1X trolley

1X basket

1X scales

3X weights

1X till

1X paper money pack

70X grocery products (veg, fruit, vegetables, bottles, boxes)

1X stickers sheet


Stand: height 82cm x width 35cm x length 45cm

Trolley: height 47cm x width 24cm x length 42cm.

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