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deAO Early Education Kids Electronic Cash Register Toy Till with Working Scan And Microphone

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·         GREAT SUPERMARKET FUN: This cash register is a great for young children with an interest in shopping and an active imagination!

·         FEATURES: Sound and light features are also included in this playset. Your child can speak into the flower themed speakerphone and manually move the conveyer belt placed at the side of the cash register. A weighing scale is also included with the cash register with accurate balance for any small and light object, along with an open and closing cash draw where your child is able to store included mock coins!

·         BENEFITS: Your child is able to build their numeracy, speech, hand-eye coordination and intelligence through this playset. They are also able to create their own narratives that can help develop their imaginations!

·         REALISTIC PLAY: This battery operated playset has many realistic functions that you will get in any supermarket. They are able to scan and place orders allowing your child to develop an understanding when they visit a supermarket.

·         RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Suitable for children aged 3 and over. To be used under direct supervision of an adult.


More information:

Looking for the perfect gift for your child?

This cash register playset is great for beginners. A nice range of accessories included and battery operated light and sound functions allow your child to have the maximum amount of fun by serving you and scanning the accessories included. Children are also able to develop their numeracy skills using the calculator till provided, allowing them to understand different numbers along with being able to do simple equations through play.

This playset is a great way to interact and encourage your child to build their key skills!

Multiple role play; Give your kids the opportunity to choose if they want to be the store owner or the customer.


·         Electronic cash register

·         Scanner with intelligent identification function (scans the products).

·         Speakerphone

·         Manual moving conveyer belt and weighing scale

·         Light and sound functions

·         Light and sound functions

·         Battery operated (3x 1.5V AA batteries– not included)

·         Made from safe and durable plastics

Fulfilling Activities:

·         Educational – numeracy, speech and language skills can be developed through this great playset!

·         Social Play – your child is able to play alone or with friends and family, creating their own narratives each time.

·         Creative - your child is able to use their own imagination during their recreational activities.


·         1x cash register

·         1x scanner

·         1x weighing scale

·         1x card reader

·         1x conveyer belt

·         1x speakerphone

·         1x toy bank card

·         10x play money (coins and notes)


·         29 x 18 x 10.5cm

Toy weight:

·         0.87kgs

Recommendations & Warnings:

·         Suitable for children aged 3 and over.

·         To be used under direct supervision of an adult.

·         Choking hazard due to small parts.

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