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deAO Washing and Ironing Laundry Playset - Handy Carrycase & Stool 2in1 With Accessories Included , Light and Sounds

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  • Laundry playset in a convertible stool carrycase; adorable, original and eye-catching design. Sounds & light features.
  • Accessories: Cardboard clothes, stickers, hangers, washing detergent bottle, iron, pots, tap, shelves, rack, and a build-in clock with movable clock hands. Additional space underneath for extra accessories
  • Perfect for recreational activities, early cognitive and concept learning, develops social communication and language skills, allows children to explore, investigate and experiment, early understanding of different perspectives, and sparks creativity and imagination.
  • Easy to assemble, to pick up and go! Comfortable to carry around. Sturdy and steady.
  • Measures: closed 32cm x 19cm x 24cm / open 48cm x 36cm x 24cm
  • Recommended age: from 3 years old (due small parts)
  • Recommended maximum weight 35kg.

Washing and Ironing Laundry Playset - Handy Carrycase & Stool 2in1

Open to Play, Tidy Up, Fold Up and Go!

This portable set can be converted into a sturdy stool. All the accessories such as cardboard clothes, hangers, washing detergent bottles, iron, pots, etc can be put inside the box and carried around very comfortably. It also has extra space for more accessories underneath the lid and two shelves, so you can keep it all tidy.

A clutch lock to keep all the accessories safe, in addition to the sound and light features!

Perfect to develop imagination, improve skills and early learning.


1x Carry case

4x Shelves

1x Stickers sheet

1x Rack

6x Clothes Pictures

4x Hangers

2x Pretend Washing Soap

2x Pots

1x Iron

1x Tap

-- Batteries: 2x 1.5v “AA” Batteries – NOT Included

Recommended age: 3 years old

Recommended maximum weight: 35 kg

Measures: Closed 32cm x 19cm x 24cm / Open 48cm x 36cm x 24cm

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