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deAO Pink 37 Key Electronic Piano Karaoke Keyboard with Microphone, Stool and Sound Features

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  • Electronic piano keyboard with beautiful eye-catching design and bright colours. (Available in pink or blue.)
  • Features: 37 keys, 10 songs, 8 musical instrument sounds, 8 musical rhythms, 4 drum beats, 4 animal sounds, karaoke, record and playback, programming mode, volume control, auto sleep.
  • Includes: 1x keyboard, 1x stool, 1x sheet music holder, 1x microphone, 1x power plug (Battery power is optional)
  • Very easy to assemble, sturdy and steady. Battery or mains operated and external port to plug music devices (e.g MP3)
  • Measures: 53cm x 48cm x 24cm/ stool: 16.6cm x 27cm x 27cm (see pictures for more details). Recommended age: +3 years old.

Electronic Piano Keyboard Play Set with Stool and Microphone
Enjoy The Rhythms Surrounding You!

Playing with Music helps children learn; Toddlers love the opportunity to make lots of noise, and it's a good way to develop!
* Making music together is an easy activity that can provide a wonderful bonding experience for you and your little ones to share. Encourage your toddler to play along and move to the beat as you make music together. Try to let them take the lead, playing with your child like this will increase their self-esteem and self-confidence and encourage more of the same.
* Toddlers love rhymes! Singing and chanting together isn't just fun - it's a great way to introduce children to new words. Tapping, banging or shaking in time with some music will introduce them to the idea of rhythms, patterns and beat which are useful for problem solving and reasoning.
* Basically, Making music helps the body and mind work together, stimulates thinking and expressive skills, and enhances creativity; It also encourages socialization and builds Self-esteem.

This Lovely Keyboard Set is full of different music and sound features: 37 Keys, 10 Songs, 8 Musical Instruments Sounds, 8 Different Genre Rhythms, 4 Drum Beats, 4 Animal Sounds, Rec & Replay, Programming Mode, Volume Control, Auto Sleep, External Port to Plug Music Devices (Such as a MP3), Dual Power Supply Mode (Operated by Plug or Battery), and Karaoke Microphone.
So Much Fun in Just One Keyboard!!
Very Easy to Assemble, Sturdy and Steady.
It Uses 4x "AA" 1.5V (Batteries NOT included, but they are NOT necessary either if Using the Plug Included).

1x Keyboard
1x Stool
1x Music Rack
1x Microphone
1x Plug (Output 6V- 500mA)

Measures: 53cm X 48cm X 24cm / Stool: 16.6cm X 27cm x 27cm
PLEASE CHECK SIZES BEFORE PURCHASE (See pictures for more details)
Recommended Age: 3 Years Old

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