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RC Front Loader Dumper Truck Excavator with LED Lights and Sounds Radio Controlled Construction Truck Include Rechargeable Battery and Charger

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  • RC Construction Truck - Front Loader Dumper Excavator Truck design, Frequency 27MHz, with sound and LED light effects.
  • Genuine design on a small scale. It can be directed towards all directions and do 360º turns. Offers realistic features.
  • Includes Rechargeable batteries and a USB charger.
  • Measures of the truck: Length 32cm x High 15cm x width 15cm (see in picture).  
  • Recommended age: 6 years old.
  • Other RC Construction Trucks models available at deAO.

At deAO we are always pleased to offer a variety of remote controlled construction toys, with accurate designs on a small scale, providing very real and characteristic movements, in addition to including LED flash lights and sound effects.
All our construction trucks can move towards all directions and give 360° spins, also offers very realistic features, being very easy to manipulate and direct with a simple remote control (instructions can be found on the product box).

This RC Front Loader Dumper Excavator Truck will bring long times of fun and joy to your little ones! Use the remote control to move the Loader/excavator arm to dig and dump as a real construction truck.
Is so entertaining and easy..!
Perfect to develop imagination, basic knowledge and coordination.

The pack contains:
1x RC Front Loader Dumper Excavator Truck.
1x Remote Control with frequency 27MHz.
1x Rechargeable batteries AA 700mAH 4.8V (for truck). 
1x USB Charger.

*USB charger can be used with adaptor from the following devises: phone charger, portable charger, notebook or PC USB charger. Please DO NOT USE tablet/Ipad charger, as the voltage is too strong and it will cause irreversible damage.
*This truck is designed for indoor and outdoor use, even so it should NOT be used on wet surfaces or conditions.

Measures of the truck: Length 32cm x High 15cm x width 15cm.
Please see pictures for more detail.
Recommended age: 6 years old.

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