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Football Stadium Board Game Table Set - Penalty Shootout Game for Multi Players with Ball Shooter and Score Counter

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Penalty Shootout Football Stadium Board Game Table Set
This Traditional Football Board Game has an educational value as well as giving great fun!

  • Penalty Shootout Football Board Game Table Set with a Super Original Stadium Design and Accessories Included. Perfect Board Game to Play with Family and Friends!
  • Features and Accessories: This Board Game Set Includes Its Own Table, Which Looks Like a Stadium. It also Includes Three Soccer Goals (One Large and Two Small), Two Ball Shooters, Three Goalkeepers (One Large and Two Small), One Score Counter with Discs (up to Two Players), Four Balls and a Handy Ball Holder.
  • Boost Hand-Eye Coordination, Concentration, Patience, Logical Thinking, Motor Planning, Visual Perception, Friendly Competition, Perfect to Spark Creativity and Imagination and to Develop Social Communication.

Did you know... Board games can teach important social skills to Toddlers, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others. They can foster the ability to focus, and lengthen your child's attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game.
Board games can help your child weave her wild and erratic side into a more organized, mature, and socially acceptable personality.

The set includes its own table, which will look like a Stadium once you have attached the "frames". It also includes an assortment of accessories to use if you want to play on your own, with friends or against! (See Pictures for More Detail).
Perfect Board Game to Play with Family and Friends!

Its assemble is very simple and quick, consists of four legs and a table top board with extra accessories. Made of safe materials. Plastics and Cardboard.
Perfect to play Indoors or Outdoors - Very easy to dissemble and put back in its original box, with a handle for an easy carry around.

1x Tabletop Board
4x Legs
1x Pitch Board
6x Frame Pcs.
1x Score Counter ( = 2 Teams)
2x Score Discs
2x Ball Shooters
3x Goalkeeper (1x Large + 2 Small)
3x Soccer Goal (1x Large + 2x Small)
1x Ball Holder
4x Balls
1x Stickers Sheet

Measures: Height 14 cm X 30 cm X 30 cm
Age Recommended: From 3 Years Old (Due Small Pieces)

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